The best Netflix movies to watch as a couple

La La Land the city of stars

The cold arrives, and with it the time of sofa, blanket, movie and popcorn.

Let’s say… history repeats itself every night: lying on the sofa, zapping through the Netflix movie catalogue, with almost cold popcorn because you can’t find one that fits your eye and convinces you both.

Quiet! The team wanted to make a compilation of the best movies to watch as a couple, of different genres and for all tastes. Do you want to meet them?

The Ascent

The AscentThe Ascent (L’ascension) is a French film, therefore it is not surprising that its theme is related to love. Combining love with sports, it tells us the love story of Samy, a young Parisian of Senegalese origin who tries, in every possible way, to get Nadia, the woman of his dreams, to notice him.

The one I love

The one I loveThe protagonists of this film are Sophie and Mark, a marriage that is not going through its best moment. That is why they decide to go to a therapist, who gives them a drastic solution to their problem: spend a weekend in a beautiful house in the countryside…


ChocolateIf you have a craving for sweet popcorn one night, they will combine perfectly with this film that tells the story of Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk, who, with their arrival in Lansquenet and their chocolate shop, revolutionize the town and its way of living life.



The best of me

The best of meThe reunion of two people who were in love is always intense and beautiful to live. The best of me places us in this context with two young people who, after 20 years, see each other again and realize that no matter how much time passes, love is much stronger than everything.

La La Land: the city of stars

La La Land the city of starsSince January 2017, La La Land has made millions of fans of unfulfilled dreams and music make this movie a MUST for any night relaxing on the couch at home.

Gerald’s game

Geralds gameDo you like those movies that don’t let you blink for a second, because you feel like you’ve missed something crucial to understanding them? Gerald’s game plays with the intimacy and problems of a couple, creating a most disturbing horror story: a bed, handcuffs and loneliness will be the protagonists of this story.

Kiki, love is made

Kiki love is madePaco León is the protagonist of this comedy that combines laughter and sex to perfection in the different sexual comics and romantic adventures of couples. Which one will you feel more identified with?

Notting Hill

Notting HillIf you haven’t seen it yet, it has to be the first movie on your couch, blanket, movie and popcorn list. Nottin Hill narrates the turn in the life of Anna, a famous actress, when love crosses her path with the conquest of Scott, who has a crush on her as soon as he sees her.



And no one but you

And no one but youNotice to all viewers: with this movie you are going to cry (so that later you don’t say that we haven’t warned you…). Abbie is diagnosed with cancer and becomes determined to find a girlfriend for her fiancé and first love, Sam, who doesn’t have much flirting experience.


NewnessWho nowadays does not have any social network? These platforms, and also including dating apps, have invaded us in the sentimental field. Newness explores this terrain, where the protagonists will live a romance in millennial times.


pregnantMotherhood: does it ring a bell? Paco León and Alexandra Jiménez star in this film and the arrival of a baby totally changes the lives of the protagonists, who combine a comedy and a drama in a contemporary reality.


If you are looking for a movie that raises the temperature of the room, Love is perfect to delve into the world of implicit sex and everything that this entails, love relationships, infidelities…

How to get rid of your boss

Does your boss not formulate any sentence in which the word work is not included? The protagonists of this film make sure that the boss falls in love. And that is exactly what happens to the two personal assistants in How to Get Rid of Your Boss. And you know, what begins with a kiss…

Noa’s diary

Another MUST of the screens for all the romantics in the room with easy tears. This film has become a classic of romantic cinema thanks to the chemistry between its characters and its vision over time.


Hitch will make you laugh with its protagonist, a man who gives advice for other men to conquer the woman of their dreams, when he finds himself in the situation of having to put his own words into practice. In addition to being funny, he will give you a few tips on conquest and relationships.

A Christmas prince

The protagonists of this romantic film are Karen Schaler and Nathan Atkins. Schaler is a journalist who gets into the royal house posing as a nanny to write a report on the prince, who turns out to be an inveterate playboy.

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